Doreen Waddell
Born: 7-10-1965 Died: 3-1-2002
hit by several cars)
    Doreen Waddell who used the stage name Do'reen, sang on the influential British dance band Soul II Soul's best-selling 1989 album "Club Classics Volume I'' and was lead vocalist on the songs "Feel
and "Happiness.'' Soul II Soul topped the charts with the song "Back To Life'' from the same album, in which Caron Wheeler was the lead singer. She also appeared on the KLF album with
"Justified and Ancient."
    Waddell had not been active in the music industry for several years, and neighbors quoted by The Daily Telegraph newspaper said she did not talk about her time with Soul II Soul. "She wasn't
really earning the sort of money she had before, but she didn't let that get her down,''
the newspaper quoted Annie Ingham, a neighbor in Shoreham, as saying. "You have to remember she had
been a very successful singer who had appeared on television ... and then suddenly it was all gone. She never resented that, but it didn't mean life was easy,''
she said.
    Apparently life was much uglier than many thought. Waddell had a four year old son and had acquired a major drug addiction. As her career stalled she had turned to prostitution to support her son and drug habit.
Waddell died March 1st, 2002 after she was hit by three cars on a highway in Shoreham in southern England, Sussex police said. It took several days to identify her. She had to be identified from fingerprints as her body
was so badly injured. Police said it appeared she had been running from a 24-hour Tesco supermarket after being confronted about shoplifting. She was struck by the cars on the nearby A-27 highway and was pronounced
dead at a local hospital. Goods from the store, including children's items, were found strewn across the road.
    Sadly the world lost another talented individual. Even sadder is the fact that her personal problems and freakish death will overshadow her recordings.