Long before his legendary Salsoul recordings Gary Criss was the lead singer of The Glass Bottle. The group had one charting hit (Billboard #-36) in 1971. The song "I
Ain't Got Time Anymore"
was the title track of their second album for Avco Embassy Records. Prior to that hit the group was featured on the Avco-Embassy motion
picture soundtrack to the 1970 film
"The People Next Door." The movie featured Hal Holbrook, Rue McClanahan, Julie Harris and Cloris Leachman. The groups previous
"The Glass Bottle" featured a 1970's mod group on the cover, Gary is fourth from the left.
    Based on my knowledge Gary had solo recordings prior to this on the Diamond label sometime in the 1960's.
"Sweet, Warm And Soft" and "Welcome Home To My
were low-charting releases. There were several additional singles but an album was never realized.
    After my initial biography on Mr. Criss I received a wonderful e-mail from him. I'll let him continue his story: "I was actually born
in New Brunswick N.J. I began singing and playing guitar at 12 and started my first band at 17. I was fortunate to become very
popular at a local level. My first chart record was actually the flip side of
"Sweet, Warm & Soft." It was called "Our Favorite
With that record on the charts I had the opportunity to travel the country with "The Dick Clark Caravan Of Stars."
After that I worked with my band around the country which at that time was called "Gary Criss & The Crystals"  clever huh !. I
also did a lot of studio work (both vocally and as a musician) along with making many records of my own that didn't make the
charts. In 1970 I signed on as the lead singer & leader of The Glass Bottle. With the success of that group I performed through out
the U.S. and the world. While performing in Buffalo N.Y. in August of 1970, I met my wife Linda. That was 40 years ago and Lyn &
I are still together. Then in 1978, Billy Terrell and I did the
"Rio De Janeiro" album. After hearing those great John Davis charts
we knew that we had something but had no idea that the song would become #1 in over 10 countries. Anyway, legal and financial
hassles prevented a follow up album and like has happened to so many others, time passes and the world moves on. I did continue
performing for some years after that but somewhere in the late 1980's I decided to retire from doing it full time. Today I only do
an occasional gig (mostly for fun and whenever someone will listen!). My professional singing career lasted for 30 wonderful years
and I have always felt blessed to have had all that time doing what I truly loved to do! Today, Lyn and I live in Point Pleasant,
N.J. at the shore where we have been for over 20 years. I am in the antique automobile business and Lyn & I also have an
"E-commerce" business that we enjoy. Once again, I thank you for your interest in my career.
Besides the Salsoul 12" singles of "Rio De Janeiro" and "Brazilian Nights" Gary had one more 12" in 1980 with "Mon Amour
(Love Has Finally Come)"
backed with "More Today Than Yesterday." His records are prized collector's items. We are pleased that
Mr. Criss is alive, well and happy. We thank him for one of our all-time favorite albums.