Two Friends Stike Gold With New Single, “Bandaid”

Two Friends just did it again. Matt & Eli are geniuses in the studio, and their music is proof of that. Every song that comes out always wins my heart, and their latest single, “Bandaid”, is no exception. It’s the perfect track to sing along to all summer long with beautiful melodies and ly...

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12 Insta-outfit ideas to steal

 Who else is need of a little outfit inspiration? I think a brand new month always calls for a hefty injection of style to keep annoying wardrobe dilemmas at bay. I know I’ve had a few days lately...

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Bill Hamel of Fatum Passes Away

Yesterday, progressive house icon, legendary record producer and two-time Grammy nominee Bill Hamel passed away – cause of death has yet to be publicly confirmed – but the news broke via the of...

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Best Buy To Stop Selling Physical CDs As of Today

It’s no secret that as far as music consumption goes, physical product is a thing of the past. Somewhere along the way in the mid-2000s, the digital download and iPod made physical CDs obsolete before music streaming came along and in turn made digital downloads obsolete. Now, we’re firmly i...

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5 questions I always ask myself before buying anything

When I’m shopping for anything I always make sure that what I’m buying will be a worthwhile and practical addition to my wardrobe. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m the first to admit that in the past I’ve been guilty of buying something because I just like how it looks but have found that it hasn’t...

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